6 Wonderful Ways to Decorate With Picture Frames

Who doesn’t love picture frames? They are classy, affordable, adjustable and just look great in any kind of setting. Below we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best ways you can use frames to complete your interior design.

1. Make it feel like home!

You can include frames into your room in different ways;

  • As standing frames on your living room tables or shelves
  • Making a huge gallery of family photos,
  • Getting your portraits painted to add a magical touch.

No home is complete without family photos. It’s the difference between a house a home. But incorporating family photos into an interior design requires great care. You have to consider the colour scheme, other art pieces and the positioning. But when done correctly, family photos bring life to a dead house.

You can fill in any large empty space by creating a family tree; get a tree design painted directly on the wall and hang your family members’ framed portraits on it’s branches!

2. Create a Gallery Wall!

You can fill any large empty space by creating a gallery wall. This is basically a large wall covered with a collage/mix and match of frames of different sizes.

The pictures inside are random, but there is an underlying theme. The frames must all be either the same colour, size or shape. Experiment with the layout till you find the right balance of abstract and orderly.

3. Complete any room’s look

To see how any frame would look on your room wall you can also use an app such as WallApp which will give you an idea if it would coordinate with the furniture.

To match your artwork with furniture, it’s necessary to match the colour wheel. If your furniture is beige and dull, do not get brightly coloured frames. If however, you have a frame you love and want to hang it anyway, use similar coloured cushions or accessories to match.

Placement is also important. Hang your frames according to your furniture and not the walls.

4. Create a statement!

Have a huge golden mural installed in the middle of your living room! Or buy abstract art for your bathroom! It’s your house and your chance to showcase your personality.

If you have an obsession or a weird hobby, display it on the walls!

If you want to see the ocean every time you wake up, get it painted on the wall at the foot of your bed.

Hang a framed mirror with a large size and unique personality to fill an empty space.

It’s your house and your call to display what you want!

5. No paintings? No problem!

Frames are so adaptable, you can use them in the most imaginative and creative way possible.

A new trend that has come up is using empty frames to decorate. Either by making a collage or creating an alchemy of frames and artwork. You can also use empty frames on wallpaper, or hang little objects inside them for a unique look. Include smaller frames inside the frames, or hang mirrors with them for an even better look. The choice is upto you. Mix and match and experiment to see what looks best with your furniture.

6. Frame your artwork

What better way to decorate your home than by hanging your own artwork? If you’re not an artist, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and start! The benefit of framing your own art is that you can get the right colours, shades and shapes to match with your home décor.

Creating your own artwork is not difficult. You do not even need to know how to hold a paintbrush to make an abstract piece. With abstracts, the simpler the better. A few ideas below;

  • Create tape art: Tape up sections of your page in a geometric design such as zigzags or checks. Colourfully paint over it, then carefully peel off the tape to reveal your amazing designs!
  • Do polka dot art: Dab some sticks into a few selected colours of paint and use them to cover the page, randomly or in some order
  • Try string art: Tie some rope or thick thread randomly over a page. Spray paint over it, then remove to expose your magical art piece.

You can get your artwork framed by any company. One of our favourites in the UK is https://www.frames.co.uk.

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