Mind Over Body

It is commonly accepted that there are two types of processes that occur in the human body;

  1. Under our conscious control.
  2. Not under our conscious control.

As for the ones which we have no control over- our heart beats- we can neither stop it nor slow it down. Our cells reproduce, oxygen travels through our body, our glands are synthesizing and releasing hormones, antibodies are destroying germs and being destroyed. All of this, we have no control over. This is what we believe. Is this really true?

The truth is, that we have a habit of blaming the world. If things don’t happen the way we wanted, if we aren’t the person we want to be, it is much easier to find fault, as Shakespeare put it, in the stars.

The first stage of accomplishing anything is said to be acceptance. That is, to realize where you stand; what you can and cannot do, and then start. In other words, it is belief. Without faith, without belief, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible. Sadly we believe in the impossible. We have limited our minds.

The mind-set that was cultivated, has now, through generations of evolution, been strengthened. That belief is; that we have no control over our body’s involuntary processes. It’s all in the name. Our ‘minds’ have been ‘set’ this way.

                         No man is free who is not master of himself               ~Epictetus

The mind is the biggest healer for people who have cancer. They ‘fight’ to survive. They have a choice. They can lie back and allow their cancer to destroy them. Or they can flee from the battlefield knowing that they are strong enough. They can live at war with their own body, holding on for as long as they can. The set-mind theory: They choose to die battling.

If it is true, as we think, that we have no control over our body; over our processes and over the cancer, then how do we explain this? What does it mean to ‘fight’? If it is our body that fights the enemy, then what is the fight that the patient puts up?

And what about all the cases about people miraculously surviving fatal injuries and diseases….  Nothing the doctors could have done to save them. What saved them then? Was it something ‘divine’? Or was they, they who saved themselves?

Let’s take this to a more graspable level. Whenever the effectiveness of a new drug is to be tested, they form an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group is given the pill. For the control group, all factors would be kept the same, except that they would not be given the pill. Now a third dummy group is added, in combination with the experimental. They are given a fake, a ’dummy’ pill- which does not work. But the subjects are kept unaware of this fact and they think that they are being given the experimental pills.


Reason is, that when people know that they are taking a medication that will help them, they have belief in it. When taking fat loss pills, for instance, they will start weighing themselves more, noticing their bodies more, but most of all thinking about losing weight. Reports have shown that dummy groups have shown considerable changes compared to control group! It’s all in the mind.

Or beliefs and behaviour all originate from thought. It is our thoughts which influence our life, consciously and unconsciously.

We tend to separate our body into parts, dishonouring the holistic nature of organisms. (The whole is greater than the sum of its parts).

When infact our physical senses cannot be effective at all if they are separated from our conscious.

Our body’s systems are subconsciously influenced by our thinking- they are invigorated by our moods too. Ever noticed how happy people have such good health?

The power of thinking is so underestimated. Feelings such as stress, anxiety, nervousness, jealousy, limitedness and inferiority are bought on by negative thinking.

These feelings flow deeper than we can grasp. They affect our body so subtly that we remain unaware.

Try it yourself .


We must decide which influence we want in our lives right now. We should understand the power our mind has over our body. A lot more is under our control than we know. Stop looking into the stars and start looking into yourself.

The first step to achieve anything, is to believe in it.

Never stop dreaming, for it is our thoughts that become our words, then our actions, then our destiny.


Whenever learning a physical activity like a dance, exercise, driving or any sport, ready your mind for the activity in order to make it easier for your body. Instead of spending countless hours practicing to get used to it, just try this one trick.

Imagine yourself performing the task, beforehand. Go through all the steps, in detail in your mind. Picture yourself doing them. Then when you actually perform it, your mind will be used to the movements, almost like you had practiced it many times before!

After all; we have everything; for we need nothing and no one to achieve what we want.

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