Unleash the Warrior Within- What I learnt at This Amazing Workshop


A one-day workshop organised by Leading Pakistan for entrepreneurs


  • Junaid Iqbal-founder and CEO
  • Usman Gulzari
  • Shah Durrani
  • Wahaj Siraj
  • Hishab Sarwar
  • Farooq Shamsi

We all have the potential within us to do great things. We all dream. But very few of us achieve our dreams

Why? Because we are fall into lethargy.

That is why we need motivation- to spark up the dead fire inside of us.

Sometimes we can be inspired in the most unexpected ways.

I had absent-mindedly agreed with my sister to go to some event for university students. The day came and I went without much expectations. But what happened with me blew my mind.

UTWW was a one-day motivational workshop organised for novice entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur takes an idea, develops a business around it, manages the business, and assumes the risk for its success.

So those of you who want to carve your own place in the world- make your own name. Those of you who can never work under a boss and are self-motivated, this one is for you.

Put you goal in mind and get ready.

All the speakers were amazing.

They had our attention from the moment they got on stage. They made us feel like we could do anything

Junaid Iqbal-CEO and Founder Leading Pakistan

I came late and missed him. 😦


      Usman Gulzari- Motivational Speaker

        He asked us if we want to improve our lives, what should we work on the most?

1.       Intra personal talk

2.       Inter personal talk

3.       Better our relationships.

4.       Improve our environment

Turns out the first was correct. Talk positively to yourself.

He said that people don’t see us the way we want to be seen or the way we truly are. They see us the way we see ourselves. So our relationship with our own selves must be the best.

·         Believe in yourself:

When he was young he was asked what he really wanted to be when he grew up. He said he wanted to be a motivational speaker. He was asked, what do you think of yourself now? He said. Right now, I don’t think that I’m anything right now. The Person said then you’re never going to be anything.

·         Believe in yourself some more:

Someone asked him if he would be a motivational speaker for a big multinational company. He said no because the middle and lower classes needed someone. The person said “Do you really want to work for the lower classes or do you think you’re not good enough to work for a big company?”

·         He asked us: What is the prime reason that most people dream but few achieve them. People raised their hands around the room. Some said that they were discouraged by others, some said lack of opportunity/resources. I said they do not work hard enough. He said the main reason is that people find their comfort zone, they think that life is so good right now, why ruin it? The same happened to him a few years back. Good job, nice home, but then he remembered what he really wanted and didn’t let himself fall in the trap.

·         Then he asked us who our role models were and what exactly we admired in them. Things like sincerity, loyalty, honesty, self-made came up. Mine were dauntless, self-motivated and independent. He then said that these qualities are in our subconscious-that is why we are able to recognize them. We just need to bring them out.

·         Never settle for mediocrity- why do we become content with less. We may not be able to become the best person but we can become the best version of ourselves. Be world-class or be third class.

·         Once there was a drunkard who had two sons. One of them grew up to be a criminal and drunk just like his father and spent many years in prison. The other son never touched a drop in his life and became a very successful and respected man. They were both asked how they had ended up like that. Both gave the same answer, “With a father like that, what else could I have become?”

·         There are four types of people in this world:

(a)    Those that see greatness and think; Wow! That can be done! That’s incredible. They get creative and think: How can I get there. Everything motivates them.

(b)   There are those that see greatness and think: I’ll never be able to get there but at least I can try to do something like it.

(c)    There are those that see greatness and think; I’ll never be able to get there so I’ll just do something normal instead.

(d)   There are those who victimize themselves; why can’t I do anything. I hate myself. Then he made a mock crying voice and said, “I hate myself, everyone hates me. I’m going to die.”

So be the first. Let everything motivate you, let nothing discourage you.

               Shah Danish Ahmed:

He talked mainly about the clash between what we think we want and what we really want.

  • Understand Yourself:

First figure out exactly what you want in your life. What are your priorities/goals in the following:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Learning
  • Relationships

In these sectors, think about what you value and what you want out of them. Set your goals then decide how you’re going to reach them.

Then he asked us do you really want

To help others?


You are most probably conflicted. We all say that others are your primary goal but if we are offered a payless job will we take it?

We say we first need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others, but we will never have enough. We should not wait until we are satisfied with what we have before we spend on others. We should manage both together.

              Wahaj Siraj- CEO Nayatel

  • He’s a CEO, so naturally he comes across different kinds of employees. He said that there are employees like Ali Shafeeq who you text at 2 a.m. and get an instant reply. That is why he got promoted from junior clerk to assistant manager in 1 and a half year. A promotion which usually takes 4 years. Then there are those B-class and C-class employees who text back after a day or don’t reply at all.
  • There used to be a customer services employee in his firm who was very rude with clients. Once a man came up to him and asked him whether he had contacts in the higher ups in ptcl. He replied that yes he did, but why was he asking? The man said keh ap is shakhs ke sifarish karwa kar is ko wahan job lagwa de. Wahab was surprised and asked why. The man said that he is so bad-mannered that if he goes there, their customers will start coming here!
  • Don’t take on a pessimist approach like no-one cares for me. I’ll never succeed. Because five times a day, Allah calls out to you “Rush to prayer! Rush to success!” So answer his call.
  • When you leave a company, leave it in a better state than it was before. When you leave this world leave it a better place than it was before.
  • Once a woman asked Jinnah, “Why do you do this? You have a big house in England, a degree and money. You can come to England a have a comfortable life.” He said, “You’re asking me why I’m doing this? I’m doing it because when I die, I want Allah to say to me, “Well done! Jinnah.”
  • Whatever you do, do it best.Girna he tou raj kar giro.Uthna he tou raj kar utho. Love affair karna he tou wo bhi raj kar karo. Keh zamana misaal de! Then he recited some couplets of Faiz Ahmed Faiz which I have fallen in love with.

         Hisham Sarwar- CEO Being Guru

  • His father was a retired army man and had many boutiques. When he was young life was simple and lavish. They would collect money from the shops and go home with it in the evening. Then times changed. He would debate on whether to use 10 rupees to take a rickshaw home, or walk on foot in the heat and buy a bottle of 7up.

As he was growing up, he tried different jobs, but couldn’t understand what to do. Then he realised what he really wanted to do and after that, his road was clear. He asked his father to let him free for 6 months to do whatever he wanted, with no pressure from his family. His father gave him permission. Although he had no formal computer education, he wanted to create a software. He worked hard on it and it was successful.

He had a friend who had moved to England, who would always discourage him and tell him to move there. “What is Pindi,” he would say. “Ik taraf naala dusri taraf chaklala.” But he never agreed. His friend would get frustrated with him and speak to him rudely. He went on with his work. 4 years passed. One day, his friend called him and spoke very respectfully with him. He was quite surprised. He checked his pulse, checked the time, and then asked him why. His friend said your name is in the news. Suddenly people were talking about him, he was being called on TV. Even after this lecture right now, he was off to give an FM interview.

First he lived on Rs.3500/- Now his name is among the top 10 freelancers in the world.

           Farooq Shamsi-CEO GUGU

As time went my concentration was decreasing which accounts for poor Farooq’s description.

I came back motivated, feeling like I could do anything. I am writing it all down now to share it with others, and to read on those those days in which I need motivation….

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