Netflix is Harming you More Than you Think…

Millions of scientists all over the world have been studying what Television portrays, and how it affects people. They have realised that TV is changing the way people think and behave.

TV has proved to be a very powerful teacher, and can transform people entirely.

It is a fact that people who own a television set, spend more than 9 years of their life watching TV. A child watches about 50 TV commercials in one day. In one year, Americans watch 1.5 billion hours of television.  That’s like 2300 human lifetimes spent in front of that box.

Let’s say you’re bored because you have nothing to do. What will your first (and last) thought be? Of course; to go sit in front of that box in the lounge.

You’re tired. What is the first thing that you’ll think of? To collapse on the lounge sofa.

Or you’re stressed and want to relax. What will you do? Switch on the TV.

We all really want to stop watching TV so much. But how many of us REALLY want that? The answer is simple. You think you want to stop watching TV and do healthy activities. In reality,what you really want is to watch TV. So what you need is convincing. Compiled here is a list of SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN facts that will make you realize exactly what TV is doing.

Why You Should Watch Less TV

TV Makes You Unhealthy

No it does, really. The time you spend sitting motionless would have otherwise been spent on some other physical activity, be it even walking about.

Eating while watching, is even more harmful. We eat more while watching TV, without even realizing that we’re full. Scientists have found out that watching TV actually slows down metabolism. Which makes our food digest slower, leading to more fat being stored.

TV Makes You Stupid

Children who watch a lot of TV in their youth, have been proven to perform worse at school than those who read books. Unlike reading which taxes the mind and expands imagination, with TV everything is provided onscreen which gives us little reason to think.

TV Gives You Glasses

This is no surprise as everyone knows that staring at screens too long weakens eyes. And if you watch with the lights off, it’s twice as bad. Not to mention dark eye circles. The artificial light from screens can also cause irritating problems such as eye strain and dry eyes.

TV Gives You Insomnia

Viewing screens before going to bed makes it difficult for you to fall asleep as the blue light increases levels of alertness. Watching screens before sleeping also reduces sleep quality, which means that your body will have to sleep longer to fulfill its sleep requirements. It also increases ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in kids.

TV Makes You Dissatisfied

TV can make even old people disillusioned from their life. The movie stars are shown to be perfect in every way. They have perfect faces, perfect bodies and perfect lives. This puts people into inferiority complex over what they have. It also creates stereotypical ideas of what males and females should look and behave like, which creates hostility towards misfits and different people in the society.

TV Makes You Commit Crime

This one’s no surprise either. At first it was thought that watching violence on TV encourages young children to copy it and be violent themselves, but now research has proven that children who witness a lot of violence when they are younger turn out to be aggressive and are more likely to commit crime even after they have grown up. This is a disturbing fact especially since children younger than five years cannot distinguish between real life and what they see on the screen. Aside from monkey see, monkey do. It’s actually the fact that they believe what they see, and think that it is possible. After all, action movies are irrational. The hero comes under fire from seven directions, battles 10 armed men alone and still manages to escape unharmed. It’s no wonder they are fooled and think that they can do the same. Most criminals when questioned about why they committed the crime answer that they did not believe that they would get caught.

TV Costs You a lot of Money

Americans spend over $6 billion per year just paying for the electricity to power their television sets. Not to mention the cost of DVDs and cinema tickets.

TV Lies to You

The world on TV is NOTHING like real life.

The study of television diversity said that television was far younger and more male than the population at large, with large gaps in the representation of disabled, ethnic minorities, and bisexual people. In fact even animals and robots are more common than them. Men outnumbered women by a ratio of almost 3:2, with women more likely to be aged between 20 and 39 than their male counterparts.

Since television has the power to shape prejudice people really should take a long hard look at the implications for our society.

TV Confuses What You Really Want

There are two theories about television.

  • People desire things. When they see it happening on the screen, so realistically, their desires are fulfilled.
  • People see things happening on the screen and they start wanting it for themselves.

In either of the cases, people’s desires are confused by what they watch on television.

TV Promotes Warped Cultural Ideas

I don’t even need to start about this, since this is the biggest problem faced by Pakistani society due to our absurd stereotypical dramas. So saas and bahu are always enemies? The family’s izzat is associated with the girls of the family. The men can abuse women and commit dreadful acts but they can be excused simply on the grounds that they are men and men are superior.

How many drama series have you seen in which the girl is independent and not a victim, or has a successful job, or whose identity is not tied with another man?

 TV Brainwashes You

The entertainment industry is controlled by the Illuminati. The Illuminati is successfully moulding children to be their mindless drones.

In November 1969 a researcher named Herbert Krugman decided to discover what goes on physiologically in the brain of the person watching TV. He taped an electrode the head of a 22 year old woman. The wire was connected to a polygraph and a computer. Through repeated trials, he deduced that within 30 seconds the brain waves switched from predominantly beta waves, indicating alertness and consciousness, to alpha waves, indicating an unfocused, receptive lack of attention: the states of aimless fantasy and daydreaming below the threshold of consciousness.

Further research revealed that the brains left hemisphere which processes information logically and analytically tunes out while the person is watching TV. This tuning-out allows the right hemisphere of the brain, which processes information emotionally and non-critically, to function unimpeded.

Even children’s cartoons are desensitizing them from violence, abuse and sex.

A good example would be the G.I Joe. During WWII it became a nickname for all American soldiers. The American TV series by this names shows the American army as the bunch of heroes who go out when anything goes wrong and saves the day. (All by shooting and bombing). Shows like these brainwash children into thinking that everything can be fixed with a gun.

Why is this being done? To desensitize people from the violence. During the American war in Vietnam, there was a huge public outcry. People were enraged by the atrocities committed by the American army. As a result the US had to withdraw its troops.

When they came back, they analyzed how the problem could be fixed. Seems like they solved the problem because the protests like the Vietnam War did not occur during the war with Afghanistan.

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