Hamnah Amir- Portfolio

For someone who likes being a Jacqueline of all things, becoming a full-time content creator wasn’t a surprising choice. I’d dabbled in photography, video-editing, design and writing.

Around 3 years ago, I just got tired of seeing unappealing ads and thinking of better ways to recreate them.

Although I knew I writing was something I’m good at, I was still slightly surprised when my initial clients were absolutely in love with my articles. For someone who enjoys debating and analysing things in-depth, writing turned out to be very enjoyable.

Since then, I’ve written blogs and web content in fitness, health, psychology, business, tech for companies with great results. Just hear what etc has to say.

I’m great at taking up relatively good content and brainstorming 10 ways to make it even better. My writing has all features of good copy, and then add a jot of humor to it.

I take pleasure in satisfying my clients (Which I’ve extensively talked about in the video below!)

If you want some good ideas on how you can improve your brand’s strategy, simply fill in this form and I’ll get back to you. 

(It’s obligation-free, I simply enjoy helping others and challenging myself )

Stay safe and have a great day!


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